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We were bored

Old video.

Isaiah Bullard - Toy Box feat. Mark Pheonix, CoreyArnell and Phri {Prod. Isaiah Bullard} [Track]

You’ve unlocked the box, so many options for new flavors!

Isaiah Bullard pulled together a spectacular trio of rappers in CoreyArnell, Acrylic Style's Mark Pheonix and Phri, to rap.

And I mean rap amazingly.

CoreyArnell delivers a hook that sounds cosmic.
I know that doesn't make sense, it just feels like the right description here.

And Mark and Phri deliver a pair of energetic verses that more than complement the song, and the beat Isaiah produced.

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(Source: @ZaeMadeThis on Twitter)

Kelly Grinz - Lockdown {Prod. Kelly Grinz} [Music Video]

Directed by Justin Martinez.

Off of Kelly Grinz's "Arlifacts" project.
Probably the only song on the project where he's just flexing his lyrical skills.

Kelly Grinz - Arlifacts [Album]

Actually live what I rap, it's making them mad

Kelly Grinz finally dropped an album!

Not a mixtape.
Not an EP.

An album!

The only features are Jive Wilson and Soulebrity, so we're not going to focus on features.
They're great, and deliver on this project, but this project clearly isn't about features, Grinz mostly solos this.

Kelly Grinz uses this project as an outlet to talk about his life, from a certain point in the past to now.
From using an assortment of drugs, to a troubled relationship, to a happy lovelife, to having a family, to losing a brother, to working hard at a 9-to-5 and at rap.

It's a lengthy project at 22 songs, but we think it's seriously worth checking out, and not because Kelly Grinz is in Acrylic Style (we're being honest).

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And-Y - Single [Music Video]

The music video to the song.
And-Y is love sick and tired of being a bachelor, regretting past mistakes and wishing he'd done things differently on this song over acoustic guitar.

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