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And-Y - What's Up feat. Stutter Dash [Track]

And-Y and Stutter Dash rap.

I mean what else did you think they would've done on this song?

Seriously if you thought anything else, you should be ashamed of yourself.

You know what, just in case, here's a link to every blog post we've made on And-Y.


Mark Pheonix - Absolute {Prod. Kisai The Spooniest Bard} [Track]

Cover by Kisai The Spooniest Bard.

Apparently Mark rapping over this beat was a request from Kisai.

Mark just does his thing on this track.


Nova Da Halo Blade - The KAIJU Cypher feat. Everybody {Prod. By Duopoly} [Track]

Nova Da Halo Blade threw together a posse cut track of himself and 12 other rappers (including Acrylic Style's Mark Pheonix) all throwing down over a beat by Duopoly.

Artists in order of appearance:

m_boogs (@m_boogs) 0:12-1:13
Kyo (@demon-eyes-kyo) 1:14-2:03
Kingu (@kinguification) 2:04-2:52
Ken Sky (@kenskymusic) 2:53-3:30
3DZ (@shishigami-1) 2:31-4:19
Mark Pheonix (@markpheonix) 4:20(BLZITFGT)-5:09
KPZ (@kpz-of-four-unique-mindz) 5:10-5:58
Mike KU5H (@last-laugh-records-llc) 5:59-6:48
Krush The Bars-Barian (@krush-thebars-barian) 6:49-7:49
Savior Monroe (@savior-monroe) 7:50-8:38
Rain Darko (@sycktoonami) 8:39-9:27
MoMo (@momomuzak) 9:27-10:05
Nova Da Halo Blade (@kisai-ehrlange) 10:06-11:10

Produced by Duopoly(@duopoly-1)
Arranged by Nova Da Halo Blade at World 8-3 Studio
Mixed and Engineered by Savior Monroe at Heaven's Gate Studio
Cover Art by Nova Da Halo Blade

KAIJU2 coming soon...


And-Y - Love Trap [Track]

And-Y raps and sings about a relationship he messed up on, telling his ex to not return.


Lucid00 - Peach feat. Mark Pheonix {Prod. Dwizzy Bodega} [Track]

It's rare when Lucid00 releases any original music, so this is notable.
Lucid00, Mark and Dwizzy all collaborated ages ago to make this song and Lucid00 put it out last year for reasons unknown.