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Corey Arnell - Basic Cable, "The Beat Tape" [Beat Tape]

I'm super late to posting this so that's bad on me (I promised Mr. Arnell I would too), but better late than never.
My advice on this project is that it's best listened to after you've ascended to the status of a level 12 mage, as you'll be able to properly channel the astral plane granting you access to a wider spectrum of sounds to hear (it's great, especially if you've listened to it before achieving such).

For you regular human beings, it'll still pan out to be an amazing set of beats you just won't be able to grasp the sounds the way I do.


"Do You Want To Do Performance Shots?" [Video]

Ford4D is crazy.

The music video for "Fast Food" coming soon.

"The E Before The O" out now!

2017 will be more...


Lucid00 - Fixtape #3: Unicorn 2A [Mixtape]

Fixtape #3: A motha f**king unicorn in my bedroom, wearing shades and a hoodie, smoking a cigar, while sipping a slushie. Volume 2. Side A

Not Yet...

One more of these and then it's "Not Enough Powers".

Lucid00 is still working on something more serious, this still isn't the real stuff and he's still putting out nonsense (like the last time).
Oh and And-Y's apart of it this time (over a few beats by Manny Sachem).


Mirror #1

Mirror #2

brandUn DeShay - goldUn Child 2 [Album]

The homie brandUn DeShay dropped a sequel to his GoldUn Child project and basically he's probably two songs away from fully converting into a Japanese citizen.

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