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Ok, to stop the YouTube spamming

I think I'll mention Kanye Wests blog. Not because of him, or anything about him directly. Regarding his fans, not all of them now. Just the one's who admire what he does and doesn't understand what he does or doesn't connect with him. Now I'm not saying that I do or anything of that sort to sound like another elitist musician (or nerd for that matter) but I just want to direct your attention to this.

This is something he posted on his blog, now below it a description inscribing.

"The unit is controlled by the BeoSound 5 controller, a rather large "remote" with a 10.4-inch XGA LCD and an aluminum scroll wheel. On the back end there's a 500GB BeoControl 5 music server running Windows XP Embedded with internet connectivity and patent pending intelligent playlist creation. Naturally there are outputs and inputs galore, and it's not just for audio: the box pumps out DVI-I and HDMI, and can play back plenty of video formats."

Cool, yes? It's a remote, for a computer with a 500GB hard drive intended [mostly] for videos.

Now what do most of his comments entail? "Cool", "When is your album coming out", "nice", etc...

I dunno, I really want to just burst out and yell "ignorance, ignorance, ignorance" everywhere, but I won't, I just kinda feel sorry for Kanye, he has his blog and yes people who understand this stuff read it (I don't think it's so hard to understand Windows XP, 10 Inch LCD, DVI-I, HDMI, video formats... lol, you could get more jargon out of an X-Box 360 or a PlayStation 3), but with comments like that as a blogger I'd feel out of touch or misplaced a bit (or some emotion along those lines).

And I know you'd think this wouldn't matter to someone who could sell a million copies of anything and has an album on the way, but I think he still pays attention to all of these things.
The Back I think I'll mention Kanye Wests blog . Not because of him, or anything about him directly. Regarding his fans, not all of them now. Jus...
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