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HTC Hero

It's the newest kid on the block of the smart phone industry, made by the makers of the G1 [HTC] and it runs a modified version of the same Google made OS, Android, which means it can run the same apps that the G1 can run.

I won't nerd out and get into all of the technical specs since normal people don't care, but one interesting thing is that it supports full Flash 10, something the iPhone doesn't have.

For me it's not a big deal since I just use apps to do things like watch TV shows from Joost or listen to music from Imeem on my iPod Touch but I'm sure someone out there cares.

Also alike the Palm Pre, this phone integrates your contacts with a few websites you may use, like Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and Twitter for things like status updates and photos.

This is a definite iPhone killer in my eyes, but I'm not so sure the Apple fanboys would agree.

You never know though, it's like I say consumer loyalty doesn't exist anymore.

(Sources: Google Blogoscoped and Engadget)
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