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The end

I know, vague title.

Basically Acrylic Style has to shut down, the whole crew has to split up, etc, etc...

Me and Dwizzy received C&D letters from a local nail salon claiming that they own the name Acrylic Style and they're filing a class action suit for over half a mil in damages, and that's quite a bit to try and pay off without any large starting profit estimates for the label, so this is our goodbye.

(An interesting side note to my fellow nerds, they sent the letter using this)

Go to this link for a final quote from the team.

EDIT: For our fans/haters, you can keep track of the whole team on Twitter via @AcrylicStyle/AcrylicStyle, I suggest you follow each member individually as our Twitter account may be shut down soon.

EDIT #2: It's an April Fools joke here (for all of the dummies as LiVe would put it).

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