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QR Code

I'm posting this because I know quite a few people that have seen this on our site don't know what the hell this picture is (I'm sure a few Blackberry and Android phone owners know).

Basically this is a QR Code it's a little barcode that can be read by a camera on a computer or cellphone that may contain information like an e-mail address, website, note, or even a Blackberry Pin number.

These things are big in Japan especially with cell phone users and are used for everything over there. The US just recently started to catch on with companies in San Francisco pushing to have these in tourist locations, restaurants and shops for people to gain information on where they are.

The one thing that's really making these blow up over here in the US though is Droid advertisements, Best Buy ads and some places with Google Maps posters on them.

Now the reason why I'm even telling you all of this is because we're going to be riding the wave on this site and projects related to this site, so expect to see more of these over time.

If you have an iPhone I recommend downloading the app "Barcodes" to read these, if you have an Android phone I recommend "Barcode Scanner" (link only works on Android devices) and if you have a phone that supports Java, go here.

For other phones that have apps you can do a Google search for "QR reader" with your phone model at the end of the query to find an app for your phone that'll let you read these.
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