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Freestyle Friday #33: Kelly Grinz (Open Mic Freestyle)

Kelly Grinz spitting off the dome with Luisa Bastidas on the violin.

EDIT (1/10/11): Also, the dude that Grinz grabs the mic from at the beginning of the freestyle is SCRiBE The Verbalist another very ill emcee (Follow him on Twitter).

1 comment:

  1. It's OPEN MiC Thursdays. Which is hosted by SCRiBE The Verbalist & Ford 4D.

    Look out for SCRiBE's new mixtape of rare and unreleased material dropping on the 20th.
    Title to be determined.

    After that, look out for an ongoing (as in continuously updated) compilation of live material featuring ya boy Kelly Grinz, OPEN MiC host SCRiBE The Verbalist, Outlaw, VaToRe, Buddha, Dee Vine, King DaviD, Lemz, possibly Swizzy Bodega (if gives us the thumbs up!) and many more!

    Tentative title: SCRiBE & Ford Present: OPEN MiC Thursdays


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