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Site Wars

I don't know if anyone has noticed but our Google search results now display sitelinks (the links under our site in the image above)!
It's been doing this for around 2 months now and I just procrastinated waited to write a post about it as I prefer to kill two birds with one stone, because anything else would be a waste of stones.

Also our 2012 site design has been updated, as I'm never content and I like changing things I make constantly.
And as I'm a bat, darker is always better (no racial preference).

EDIT (5/7/12): My constant discontent with the site now brings you a more visible search bar and a moved popular posts section for devices with big screens (aka not phones). Enjoy!

Also now when we post YouTube videos on our blog, YouTube displays this little "As seen on Acrylic Style" badge under the video.
I only see this happen with much larger blogs on the net. I don't know if this means we're now a big time blog or what but it definitely makes us feel special (peep the page YouTube made for our blog).

And last, the 2nd group project may not happen anytime soon, we got started and then everyone just got on my nerves. I can guarantee that you will see something come out of this though, and it's pretty awesome.

EDIT: Changed the title to reflect that it's May 4th as I've nothing better to do (and nothing Star Wars related to post).
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