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The Official Acrylic Style Android Widget Beta [Apps]

Ok, so it's not a widget yet, it's currently in app form (still works though).

I've been working on this for ages (I suck at programming and don't have much Android experience) and out of impatience I've decided to publish a beta version on Google Play.

Note that in the future, this won't be an app but a widget.

"Why?" You say.

Because I think it's dumb to release an app that does something you can already do by typing in your web browser.

A widget just makes more sense, as it can tell you about new stuff that's going on over here without you needing to check the site every time.

As time goes I'll update it with new features, bug fixes and more stuff to mess around with to entertain you.

Android app on Google Play

Also, apologies to the elephant in the room, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. I'd love to support you guys but sadly iOS doesn't support widgets of any kind and iOS development is a bit expensive (almost everything for Android is free).

If you happen to own a Mac, we've a Dashboard widget if you're interested. Get it here.
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