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Just posting to say that the site code has changed slightly.

The URL is now, instead of

Sadly what that means is the social button counts has been reset, so all Facebook likes, Google +1s and Twitter tweet counts have been returned to zero.

The existing likes, +1s and tweets still exist persay and still work, they just don't apply to the new URLs. Luckily I set all of the old URLs to automatically redirect to the new ones, so all links should work accordingly.

Also, I'll finally acknowledge it, we've a new version of the logo. It's not really a finished version it's sort of the test one, so don't be too annoyed at it being so freaking colorful (I need to take a color theory class).

Look out for some big updates in the future.

EDIT: Also we're now using HTML5 AppCache on the site. Don't mind it, just know that it makes the site much faster.

EDIT 2: If you're using a device running Android 2.3.7 or below, the site should now display properly for you in the default browser.

EDIT 3: If you're using Internet Explorer 8 or below, our site should display a bit better for you. We still think you should switch web browsers or install Google Chrome Frame though.
The Back Just posting to say that the site code has changed slightly. The URL is now , instead of . Sadly ...
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