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Johnny Santos - Beatboxsesh freestyle [MP3]

This seriously ill and completely unexpected. I found this in our ridiculously cluttered and filled inbox and was weary of it because all it had was an MP3 attached (please send us a link to something we can embed, avoid MP3s).

So I went for a listen and what played was our own "Random acts of ASMG" track nonsense except with seriously ill rapping done over it and he completely kills it (as if there was an "it" to kill in the first place).

A little disclaimer, we tend to have a lot of these silly moments where we just freestyle over the mic or whatever and just have fun and never take them seriously enough to release. Often what happens is someone that's a fan of us or that knows us comes across these tracks and request that we put em out (which is why we posted it in the first place).


Also follow him on Twitter.
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