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QbQbQb is out now! [Game]

QbQbQb (the HTML5 game I mentioned in a previous post) is out now for laptops and desktops (relying on Node-Webkit to run a web game as a native app).

My opinion, if you're into puzzle games and really good chiptune music, it's worth the purchase. You get a copy for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and a Steam key all in one purchase, plus the game soundtrack (11 MP3s) and it's completely DRM free.

Also it's sold via the Humble Bundle Store, so if you've an account there you can claim the game on there and redownload it as many times as you want.

Buy game

EDIT (11/08/14): Added info about Steam, iOS and Android versions and fixed title (it used to have spaces).

(Source: Reddit)
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