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Corey Arnell - Underappreciated [Beat Tape]

Corey Arnell isn't exactly a newcomer to this blog, we posted him last year as apart of the duo Almost Always alongside Curbside Jones, this time it's just Corey himself with a brand new beat tape.

The first beat in this project (track 2) Cabana Jams is that type of music where you just sit back and chill with a glass of wine in one hand and a cigar in the other while giving off subtle signs to one of your goons to off that one guy that nobody in your crew likes because he owes everyone a ton of money and hasn't paid anyone back in years despite the amount of times that you've showed up to his place and threatened his well being.

The whole project isn't like that though, track 3 sounds like it's from Sonic The Hedgehog to me, all in all it just varies a lot and it displays a lot of versatility in doing so. Check it out!

Download at SoundCloud
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