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DRNRDX - Maverick Hunters [Instrumental]

DRNRDX hath released the first single off of his coming debut beat tape "Letter 24" (why beat tapes have singles is beyond me).
The track samples the video game MegaMan X Command Mission (hence the title) and is one of those fast but somehow chill beats.

Now something my MegaMan fandom must address is, why does it have a picture of Copy X from MegaMan Zero when Copy X doesn't count as a Maverick Hunter since he was only a copy, nor could he ever be one as he counts as a Maverick himself and the group disbanded by this point in the timeline (I think I need to send a few tweets out).

All in all, listen to the instrumental, it's good, it seriously is.

(Source: @DarienTheRedX on Twitter)
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