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Chance The Rapper's first New York show (featuring Lil Kids) [Photos]

Chicago artist Chance The Rapper had his first show in New York on June 15th. Acrylic Style's Lucid00 (a.k.a. Hugh Isaacs II) and I were lucky enough to attend and we took some photos to share. The show was at the Europa, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I was way too lazy to share the photos with you then, but here they are now.



The show opened with Brooklyn rapper Lil Kids. His music is pretty cool, chill with some psychedelic influences. He accompanied his performances with drunken banter, sick dance moves and that awesome t-shirt that you see in the photos. We also got red bull from him when we walked in. Some tracks to check out by him are Overloaded and False Positive which you can find on Dead Ass.

Chance came on next bursting with energy. With the way he moves to lyrics and pours his heart into every song, it was easy to forget that he is essentially just a 20 year old kid. He played a good portion of the songs off of Acid Rap but also pleased the crowd of early fans with some songs from 10 Day . The crowd was a younger audience but sang along to Brain Cells and Fuck You Tahm Bout like their lives depended on it.

One of the highlights of the show was when Chance took a moment to teach the crowd some dance moves. He then exploded into a high energy performance of Favorite Song.


For the ladies:

Chance is only one of the many young artists coming up from the Chicago scene. It was an amazing show and we hope to hear more from Chance and other Chicago natives in the future. 

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