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Samsung Galaxy Gear [Video]

I'm not quite sure if this is a Pebble competitor or not. On one hand it seems more focused on apps than Pebble and it has a camera (1.9 megapixel), speaker, microphone, Wi-Fi and NFC to boot along with Bluetooth and motion sensors just like the Pebble and far higher specs (800MHz Exynos processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage and a Super AMOLED screen) but on the other it only has a little over a day of battery life, isn't as waterproof, only works with Samsung devices (for now) and costs $299 (the Pebble is $150 respectively).

It's still pretty cool to me though and it seems like it can be used without needing a phone at all times which is a huge bonus to me.

(Source: Engadget)
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