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SCRiBE The Verbalist - WiNGS [Album]

Bronx/Seattle flow wizard SCRiBE The Verbalist dropped this lovely work of art late last year, November to be exact, I'm just forever in the late party.

It features only Budah and Soulebrity on vocals, and sports production GOODMAN, Ezhen Nikko, Manny Sachem, Sendai Mike, Jay of VSEnt., Gradis Nice, bugseed, Azael Beats, Chief Buddha and StatZ.
I'm fairly certain that SCRiBE could've done this by himself acapella, so it's well worth a listen to hear the chemistry, if not for SCRiBE's lyrical talent alone.

Pretty much I'm a man of little words when it comes to describing art I like, but peep "Plane to Japan" and "Faith! (Live from NYC w/ DJ Ford4D)" (I might've been at that live show, not sure).

All lyrics written by SCRiBE The Verbalist.
Recorded by SCRiBE (1, 2, 6-11, 13-15) & Ford4D (3-5, 12).
Mixed by Ford4D (except 2 mixed by SCRiBE).
Mastered by Ford4D for The 4DFoundation.

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