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Lucid00 - Fixtape #3: Unicorn B [Mixtape]

The original cover art was done by Prince M.Ac Photography.

It's actually titled "Fixtape #3: A motha f**king unicorn in my bedroom, wearing shades and a hoodie, smoking a cigar, while sipping a slushie. Volume 1. Side B" but we're not going bother with all of that this time.

Lucid00 released yet another confusing project, this time with no guest verses, one beat from producer Ryan Hood and only additional vocals from Mark Pheonix and Gaia (oh and it comes with two free instrumentals for the hell of it).

He's still working on something more serious and this isn't the real stuff we mentioned in the previous mixtape post.

These are only some of the songs, you have to download it to hear everything.

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