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Mark Pheonix - Dream Eater {Prod. Manny Sachem} [Track]

Mixed and mastered by Ford4D.

Mark hath finally released music for a project of his own.
You might not realize it but this is a big deal to us.
He hasn't released music completely of his own since 12/12/12, and hasn't released a project since Pheonix Phrenzy (which was 2/5/12 for perspective).
This is a pretty big deal since Mark has done almost nothing but features and guest appearances for 3 years.
...and what a better way to kick things off than to have this be over a Manny Sachem beat.

On the topic of the actual content now, the song is about something everyone with any life goals that are even slightly daring experience. People who for some reason can't accept them (something we'd say all artists can relate to).

Get it on Google Play

EDIT: The E Before The O is out now!
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