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Nova Da Halo Blade - #BrittleBullet [Mixtape]

Engineering: 3DZ
Cover Art: Kisai The Spooniest Bard

Nova Da Halo Blade is a master of poetic assonance when rhyming in his tracks and he flexes this skill a lot, over very chill beats littered all over this mixtape.
The only features on here are 3DZ (who appears 4 times), Demon Eyes Kyo and Acrylic Style's own Mark Pheonix which means Nova Da Halo Blade handles this solo for most of the project (which isn't a bad thing), production now is far more diverse featuring Jonathan Cloud, Kisai The Spooniest Bard, DJ Babu, Plue Starfox, Jules Watts, NegroSaki, K-Murdock, PSYKON_BEATS, Duopoly, UnderGroundArsonizt and more...

It's a dope project, check it out.

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