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Mark Pheonix - Pheonix Down [Mixtape]

Artwork by Jiro Dash.

Alright, so. A year or two ago, Ford sent me beats and asked me to work on them while I was working on my project "The E Before The O". I didn't know who made these beats or who rapped over them. He wanted me to make this project as organic as possible. After I completed the project, Ford told me that he got these beats off of a thumb drive which also came with the original project which can be purchased here.

We actually got the okay from everyone involved with the project from both producers Scott Thorough and Snaifu and the rapper Baje One. Scott is like my long lost Jewish brother lol. Anyway, We hope you enjoy the project because it was a lot of fun to make. I really wanna state how much I hate track 5. I HATE TRACK 5. Like, share, comment, etc...

"The E before the O" coming soon... Out now!

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