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Mark Pheonix - Blast Off feat. Lucid00 {Prod. R2DaEz} [Track]

Cover art by Prince M.Ac Photography.

Mark Pheonix and Lucid00 teamed up yet again to make this groovy track.
In similar fashion to the track "Low Level" on "The E Before The O", Ford4D makes a short appearance within Lucid00's verse and also another appearance in the intro to proclaim the most important part of the track, a penchant for squeezing bosoms.

Bosom squeezing is deeply what this whole song is about (it's a very deep song) and it's a very important part of all our lives.

So before the links to the song below and before this year ends we'd like to bring your attention to the American Cancer Society, in hopes that you'll donate.

Donate to the American Cancer Society

From now on, every song we post that you hear the WSB tag on, we'll provide a link like this.

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