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Curbside Jones and Dexter Fizz - The Last Train [EP]

6 songs.
Featuring LafLife (Dan and Momo), NF Zessho and Muma.
All production done by Curbside Jones, except for "Last Train" (Prod. by Phil Banks) and "Nigo 93" (Prod. by Dhrma).
Super chill vibes.
Vinyl copy includes two more songs "Coffee Stains" by Curbside Jones and Muma, Produced by Ballhead and "Doors Closing" by Dexter Fizz, Produced by CRAM.
Favorite song off this is "No Wheelz".

Curbside Jones and Dexter Fizz began working on The Last Train EP in January of 2020. Both artists wanted to use the EP to fuel an international tour in Japan, however, COVID-19 put a halt to their plans. During 2020 Curbside Jones and Dexter Fizz worked closely with the Japanese Hip Hop acts such as LafLife, Muma, Dhrma, Ballhead, NF Zessho, Cram, and UK producer Phill Blanks to help create the soundscape for the EP.


(Source: @CurbsideJones on Twitter)
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