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Drake defends his video and Kanye in a interview with MTV

Drake talks about himself as an artist:
"We've done such a great job of building it all up. It's kind of like people were getting this impression of me that I'm never gonna make a mistake. I'm not made of Teflon. I'm gonna do things for myself sometimes, as opposed to what people want me to do."

He also talks about the process behind the video:
"If you listen to the song, I'm not saying the most graceful thing in the world. It's not the most heartfelt song,"

Drake continued. "I say some pretty wild things in regards to women in the actual song. When me and Kanye were in the studio working on a song for Big Sean, we were talking about it. We saw a comedic element to it. I felt that the climate in the world right now, everything in the world is so serious all the time, my life is serious, I just wanted to laugh, instead of taking myself too serious as the heartthrob and walking hand-in-hand into the movies and taking my shirt off. I felt it's not that time for me yet. Or maybe never. I'm a very multifaceted person. One thing I told 'Ye is, 'I really want to act. I want to act in this video.' "
Now the BIG thing is that Kanye West wanted to remake the video, which I think its kinda lame. As an artist, Kanye shouldn't have to remake something because some"fans" and viewers didn't understand the lyrics of drakes song, or envisioned a different concept for Drake's video. Although it would be intresting to see what other ideals Kanye west has for drakes debut video. I guess this is the best we'll ever have of this video.
Drakes full interview with MTV.COM:

What do you think?

(source: MTV)
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