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Halo Legends

This is a follow up to the [vague unless you clicked the link,] Halo anime post.

Basically the upcoming Halo anime will be titled Halo Legends and it will feature 7 short films ala Animatrix, created by 5 Japanese anime production companies : Production I.G., Studio 4°C, Bones, Toei Animation and Casio Entertainment(Sorry no Wikipedia article).

Honestly if you're not into Halo or XBox but are into anime I'd say this is worth a peek even if just for the production studios. I know nothing of Casio Entertainment (never knew they had an entertainment company, I thought they only made watches and calculators) but I could say alot about the others. Production I.G. is the animation studio best known for Ghost in the Shell, Toei Animation is easily recognized by more than just anime fans as the guys behind Dragonball Z, Bones was the studio behind Full Metal Alchemist and Studio 4°C I'd say is freshly new but I know em for the (horrible, horrible) Transformers cartoon on TV right now they were also responsible for Utada Hikarus "Passions" music video, Linkin Parks "Breaking The Habit" video and this really awesome Nike commercial.

Halo Legends will be previewed on the new Halo Waypoint for XBox Live and it'll be released on DVD and Blu-Ray (oh the irony) by Warner Bros in 2010.

Honestly as someone who's not a huge FPS or Halo fan (I've beaten Halo2 and played 1 and 3) I gotta say, Microsoft went all out here. To get some of the largest production companies in anime and have them work on the XBoxes biggest franchise is a huge move, I know I'll watch it.

Check out the video below.

Note: And I know this is the most I've ever written for a post on this blog.

(Source: Kotaku)
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