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Stuff I'm Bumpin vol. 1

Now as someone who's running a record label I know I shouldn't do this per say, since it'd be aiding competition or what have you, but who cares it's all love and these people are nice.

Here's a list of tracks from a bunch of up and coming artists (like ourselves) that are most certainly fire.

Now I know you've noticed I put "vol. 1" at the top.
This is basically like the old definition of a mixtape, where kids used to record a series of songs on to a cassette tape and share it with friends, I'm just sharing stuff I listen to with you.

I plan to continue writing posts like these every once in a while, if you're an artist, send us an e-mail with a link to a track of yours and if we like it, we may just post it, if we don't we'll be honest with you and not in a mean way (trust me we're experts in constructive criticism).

(Also, this is our 99th post. Post 100 will end in something great.)

EDIT (12/20/2011): Removed She's So by Visionary P as he (Mark Pheonix) has joined ASMG.
This also brings the "Stuff I'm Bumpin" post standard down to 15 songs, instead of 16.


  1. Couldn't tell us that these guys aren't nice.

  2. I decided to share this across FriendFeed, Facebook and Twitter. I want to see what everyone thinks of these artists.

  3. Oh shit..i aint even know yall put she's so up there...good looking

  4. It sucks that Imeem is gone now (it's gonna be hell to replace all of the links).


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