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A Chrome OS comment

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^Already been said.

Lol, it's annoying to see the press all jumpy for the Chrome OS hype when a lot of it's features have been revealed in Gears, Native Client and O3D documents.

Like if you check here:

You'd know that Chrome OS will support a lot of features through Gears such as cameras, microphones, photo editing, file system access, and even binary data.

And I bet in a month or two, they're going to hype these features like they're something new.

and I don't know why everyone's assuming this OS will be entirely cloud based, even in the distant future that isn't ideal. It's why Gears was invented.

And even on this blog you revealed that GDrive will be a syncing tool ( similar to Microsofts Live Mesh.

Google said everything from the start.

And everyone has to stop assuming that because of this the desktop is dead, it isn't dead it's just Google is pushing to have the web as the defacto platform for applications.

Remember they said this regarding mobile app stores (, now take in mind that Gears is also on Android.

I'm done typing.
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