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A Brief Tribute To Patrick Swayze


A Brief Tribute To Patrick Swayze

We are by no means under the delusion that we are "bringing you the news" that the legendary Patrick Swayze passed away on Monday, seeing as our viewers and readers do not live under rocks. While there may be no "G4-Appropriate" way to send off this movie icon, we thought we'd give it a try. Besides, his roles in 1987's Dirty Dancing and 1990's Ghost helped many-a-guy score on date nights all around the world for over two decade!

Perhaps, then the best way to offer our respects would be to post what is perhaps one of the most testosterone-laden scenes in the history of cinema. What else could it be from, but Swayze's awe-inspiring performance in 1989's Road House? It was in many ways, the apex of the golden age of mindless, awesome, and unapologetically un-PC, 80's "guy flicks." This scene is SO freaking manly that it makes you want to put on a flannel shirt, grab an axe, and chop down trees in the nearest forest while the hairs on your chest inexplicably grow.

RIP: Patrick Swayze :(

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