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New Features

The music player is back!!! and is powered by SoundCloud.

Also the site now loads faster (the speed varies depending on which browser you use) and the background animates when viewed on certain browsers (Chrome and Safari users will see the animation).

More new features to come, when they do I'll update this post with the info.

UPDATE: Now there are tabs to view all posts or just ASMG specific posts, and ASMG specific posts will now have the ASMG stamp beside them to have them stand out from the other posts.

Also for Google Chrome and Apple Safari users the scrollbar is a bit fancier (it's easier to see now) and when inside a blog post the music player gets replaced by a "Return to the main page" button, it's just something I felt we needed.

UPDATE #2: I fixed the problem where the ASMG tab would display every ASMG related post all at once (now it only displays 5).

UPDATE #3: For Chrome and Safari users, I've changed the way the background animation is handled. Now only computers with a screen resolution width of 1440 and up will see the animation, the rest won't for now (I plan to make a button for the animation to be turned off and on whenever the viewer feels like it in the future).

UPDATE #4: Ok, I think I've fixed the Firefox glitch (it was a combination of features). In order to fix it though, I had to remove a feature I added that saved some of the sites data on your computer which was meant for smartphone users (like iPhone and Android phone people) to help them conserve their 3G use (and cut back on the costs) but now I can't do that, so you'll have to wait for a Firefox update in the future that fixes this problem.
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