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Site improvements


See that box above that says "Friend(s)" in it, basically all posts that include anyone we're affiliated with in any way, whether it's through a collaboration, web design job (via the Creative Procrastinators of course) or even just plain hanging out, we'll have this tag on the post. Just to let you know (and to brag) that we've some sort of connection with the person in the post.

Now aside from that, quite a few site modifications have been made. The search box looks different, the blog archive drop list looks different, there's now a like button and a Twitter follow button on the home page and there's a Tumblr follow button where the old Twitter follow link used to be (don't worry about any downtime though as the site is still hosted on Blogger).

Oh also, the background will return to the old one, just working on a change of the code used to display it.
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