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Back2Pluto presents: Plue Starfox x ??? EP Contest

In order to be a proper theif, I've decided to steal the entire post from Back2Pluto and post it here.

Back2Pluto presents: Plue Starfox x ??? EP Contest

PRIZE: The winner of this contest will be given the opportunity to work on an entire EP with exclusive Plue Starfox production. This EP will be sponsored by Back2Pluto & MDNK Academy.

  1. Select & download ONE of the three given beats (below) & rap (or sing) over it. Any structure is acceptable. Doing more than one track (even with an alter ego) will disqualify you from the contest.
  2. Only high quality recordings will be accepted.
  3. Beat cannot be altered or extended in any way.
  4. To make this highly competitive, anybody can participate in this contest, even MDNK Academy artists & singers.
  5. Email the submission to Title the email “Contest Track” & put your contact info (twitter, facebook, etc.) in the body along with the attached mp3 track.
  6. The submissions will be judged by the entire B2P staff, Plue Starfox, & MDNK Academy Headmaster Simi Nomore.
  7. If two or more artists are on one submission track & they win the contest, all artists on the track will do an EP together with Plue.
  8. Last day to turn in all submissions is 6/24/2011.
  9. Any breach of these rules will result in disqualification.

Here are the beats for this contest. May the best man or woman win:

Plue X ??? EP CONTEST by PlueStarfox

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