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My thesis on Futures "Same Damn Time" [Thesis]

See the video here.

From what I've grasped. Futures "Same Damn Time" is about a young African-Americans ability to multitask and move quickly in a deteriorating environment under a very unstable job market in the United States economy. Employed as an astronaut that somehow possesses the power of quantization ("I'm at Pluto, I'm at Mars, at the same damned time"), along with his ability to take care of two very disobedient pets ("Two bad bi**ches at the same damned time"). Life still appears to be difficult for the young man as he lives in a run down house in a neighborhood clearly ignored by the rest of society (evidenced by the detail that every person here dresses mostly the same), thus he has resorted to selling drugs part time ("Selling white, selling mid, at the same damn time"). Yeah, I'm bored.
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