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Lupe Fiasco - B*tch Bad [Music Video]

Only sharing this to aid in the #BoycottSpinMagazine stuff going on via Twitter.

Seriously they wrote an article about this song and went on to say stuff like this:

Its hook goes, "B*tch bad, woman good, lady better," which sounds sweet and all, but does any female want to be called "a lady"?

-Brandon Soderberg of Spin Magazine

This quote is my favorite though.

[It] feeds on outdated and simplified hip-hop stereotypes.

-Brandon Soderberg of Spin Magazine

It's mainly because I've just recently seen French Montanas "Pop That" video and Rick Ross says "B*tch" at only 4 seconds in (no diss to French and friends though, I honestly enjoy the song).

(Source: The LupEND Blog)
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