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DJ Spooky - Of Water and Ice [Album]

Okay, so I'm on Twitter checking out what the Free Music Archive has and I come across this! DJ Spooky is NYC based artist who recently teamed up with the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a residency. That immediately caught my eye. A DJ and an art museum collaborating and making an album? I needed to find out more. The album info discusses an exploration of ice, water, and our relationship to the diminishing arctic environment. Even cooler (no pun intended), "All of the electronic sounds are generated by interpretations of either algorithms that mirror the geometry in ice crystals or the math of climate change data"! How awesome is that! It sounds Since the album is under a Creative Commons License, you can listen and download it for free, but DJ Spooky says it will only be available for a limited time. Get on it! Download (Source: Free Music Archive)
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