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Green Street - New Beginnings feat. Ken Ross [Music Video]

I've been meaning to post these guys for awhile. Green Street is this amazing group that I found out a couple of years back through Twitter (oddly). Its the chill sounding hip hop that I tend to gravitate too and they are on a rise. This video is their latest one and it is beautifully shot. This song will be on their album The Will To Win which is set to be released this December. Im excited to hear the album. A description from the band states that the album "was born out of desperation after two of the three group members were diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses in the winter of 2012". As someone who has been chronically ill for most of my life, this resonates with me deeply . Enjoy the music and leave your thoughts in the comments! Stay well.

(Source: A-live's Twitter)
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