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Outlaw - Gold Soul [Mixtape]

Finally I get around to posting Outlaw's newest project and to tap into my UK side, it's bloody good!
The pacing takes a bit getting used to as the project flows from hype to chill to hype again (and sometimes both), the transitions aren't bad but it's just something I had to get into the groove of as all I've heard are albums sticking to one pace for a long while.

But now on the music itself, Outlaw delivers an amazing flow over soothing beats all throughout the project with singing almost on every hook that blends right in and rarely makes the songs feel like they're transitioning into RnB (which isn't a bad thing, but it's refreshing to hear things like this sometimes).

So far, my favorite songs are:
  • Changes feat. Scribe The Verbalist {Prod. 20syl}

  • Luxury Laboratory {Prod. Louis Futon & Big Cat Beats}

  • Download

    Also be sure to check out his last project "Future Vintage".

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