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Lenard - LEO // Dreams and Reality [Mixtape]

First off, I like this project but I hate Lenard. Ok, I don't I just wanted to say that and Lenard is just the perfect target for it in my mind.

Lenard is cool a hell as both a rapper and a person, and has an unorthodox flow which works well for him, this project has a ton of catchy hooks, is inspiring and feels like that's apart of the point of everything in it ("stay away from hood rats" noted), blah blah blah, end of boring typical blog talk about mixtape.

My favorite tracks on this are "Disgaea" produced by Sango and "Eulogy" by Corey Arnell. First off I didn't know Lenard would sound so great over trap beats (or that Corey Arnell would make a trap beat in the first place). Lenard really did his thing making stuff you'd play at a party but while still keeping the focus and subject matter of the project.

Overall I just like the project a lot. Grab the MP3s on BandCamp.


(Source: @Kurokasai on Twitter)
The Back Thanks. DOWNLOAD: STREAM: -Lenard — Leo (@kurokasai) April 30, 2015 First off, I like t...
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