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Nova Da Halo Blade - The KAIJU Cypher feat. Everybody {Prod. By Duopoly} [Track]

Nova Da Halo Blade threw together a posse cut track of himself and 12 other rappers (including Acrylic Style's Mark Pheonix) all throwing down over a beat by Duopoly.

Artists in order of appearance:

m_boogs (@m_boogs) 0:12-1:13
Kyo (@demon-eyes-kyo) 1:14-2:03
Kingu (@kinguification) 2:04-2:52
Ken Sky (@kenskymusic) 2:53-3:30
3DZ (@shishigami-1) 2:31-4:19
Mark Pheonix (@markpheonix) 4:20(BLZITFGT)-5:09
KPZ (@kpz-of-four-unique-mindz) 5:10-5:58
Mike KU5H (@last-laugh-records-llc) 5:59-6:48
Krush The Bars-Barian (@krush-thebars-barian) 6:49-7:49
Savior Monroe (@savior-monroe) 7:50-8:38
Rain Darko (@sycktoonami) 8:39-9:27
MoMo (@momomuzak) 9:27-10:05
Nova Da Halo Blade (@kisai-ehrlange) 10:06-11:10

Produced by Duopoly (@duopoly-1)
Arranged by Nova Da Halo Blade at World 8-3 Studio
Mixed and Engineered by Savior Monroe at Heaven's Gate Studio
Cover Art by Nova Da Halo Blade

KAIJU2 coming soon...

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