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Lucid00 - The Last Unicorn [Mixtape]

Fixtape #3: A motha f**king unicorn in my bedroom, wearing shades and a hoodie, smoking a cigar, while sipping a slushie. Volume 2. Side B

The original cover art was done by Prince M.Ac Photography.

Just like the last one, this still ain't it. This ain't the real stuff. 20 songs of more messing around (listed as disc 1 and 2). One song is an unreleased Mark Pheonix track from 2010 that Lucid00 decided to rap on now for whatever reason. Another is something dope from L-Y3T. iNNo makes a guest appearance on a track. This is the last Unicorn fixtape. Any following fixtape will be different. NEP is on the way next.

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