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Rich P - KIWMP [Album]

So first and foremost I just want to say that this has been sitting in the drafts since last year, and I've no idea why I didn't post it.

I sit with my headphones on, in surprise, horrified at what I'm listening to.
"Yo, pops, I see him, he's right there!" says Rich-P.
"Quick get him!" says his pops.
What follows next are the sounds of Rich-P and his pops kicking "it". The helpless yelps of a defenseless whack rapper enemy of Rich-P.
This is their story...

Nah, I'm joking around.

"Kicking It With My Pops" by Rich-P is a project loosely focused on his relationship with his father, and songs based on the conversations with him and suggestions from him.

It's pretty lovely.

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