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Isaiah Bullard - Zae's Room [Album]

The project of "Toy Box".
12 songs.
SUPER BOUNCY, like really bouncy.
Features $hortFuze, Phri, CoreyArnell, May, 101, LouieV T, De'John Linward, Chris Winston, Bluu Suede, RellLM, Community Service and Mark Pheonix of Acrylic Style.
All beats produced by Isaiah Bullard himself.
Additional vocals: Isaac Bullard, Sabrina Bell, Joshua Pane, Troy Robb, Schaeffer Duncan and Michael Coffey.
My favorite song off of this is "Evil Plan" feat. LouieV T and $hortFuze.
If Maestro was the introduction, Zae's Room is the first chapter. This is the story of one's own goals and ambitions--told through many different lenses--but ultimately, this is my story. Every detail of this story is in my own head, but it can be echoed through others. This is what I sought out to do in Zae's Room. This album is the first attempt at a fully collaborative, "compilation-style" album. However, instead of merely making a bunch of beats and picking some random artists to collaborate on them, I worked with the artists featured, and made sure they understood the story that was being told throughout this project. Each track has a purpose in the overall story, but the interesting scenarios given to the artists to write about are what makes this project so special.

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