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Acrylic Style Chrome app update v1.58.78.25 [App]

100+ users, huzzah!
So we've had this Google Chrome app for a while and all it's done is link to our site, and we've wondered what more we could do with it, where we can go from here to improve the experience for users of our app, how to innovate in the website/blog scene and push the bar further.

Thus we bring to you update version of our Google Chrome app!

Instead of just sending you to our site, it now uses advanced technology to save bandwidth for us and to make everything insanely fast for you!

No more will we describe our app with "Just provides a quick link to", now it just provides an insanely fast link to!

To explain how this works, our new app uses advanced listener events, along with the background permission in the Google Chrome and Chromium framework to intercept hyper text transfer protocol requests to our website for downloading extensible markup language, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheet, Web Open Font Format, and Portable Network Graphic image files on our web server and instead loads locally stored versions of them from the downloaded package to ensure that you get the fastest experience we can offer when viewing our website.

It also enables the HTML5 Application Cache feature to work while in the background for offline functionality and tosses in a few features in preparation for our pending redesign.

We're looking to see if we can bring this experience to Safari, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer users in the future.

Note: Requires Google Chrome (preferably version 27).

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