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Acrylic Style Chrome app update v2 [App]

So remember that awesome update to our Google Chrome app that we released some time back that stored site data offline to save bandwidth for you and us and that made the site way faster?

We just threw all of that code we wrote out of the window.


Completely undone.

Now the Chrome app is back to the way it was before that update.

Why you ask?

Because the lovely visual update we made to now provides a similar feature right out of the box. No Chrome app needed. All you have to do is open the site once.

How did we do this?

Well to explain, we're using HTML5 ApplicationCache which lets us store files for the site offline.

This also means that the feature works in the newest versions of Safari, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer instead of just Google Chrome.

So our Chrome app still exists mostly for convenience, but you never know we may add some new features to it in the future.

Install our Google Chrome app
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