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And-Y - She in Love feat. The Supreme Juco {Prod. Chemist} [Music Video]

Shot/Directed by - Ford4D X Janice Danger and And-Y
Edited by - And-Y
Animation - anthosart

This is the seventh music video for a song off of And-Y's Young Urban Psychopath (There are seven of these videos, that's how much work he's put in and this doesn't include any non-"Y.U.P." music videos).

So if you haven't heard "Y.U.P." yet, this song is And-Y over a chill mellow beat talking about a girl who's having relationship issues, but who's also fallen for the man And-Y himself while he's not interested in a relationship, just sex. The song also features The Supreme Juco (like on 40's) who tosses out an amazingly smooth 3rd verse for the song, concluding it perfectly.


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