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BrandUn DeShay - goldUn Child [Album]

BrandUn DeShay's last project came out in 2011. Do you know how many people probably died waiting for this?
Yo I won't even bother talking about the album for a bit, it's good, check it out (I recommend you listen to "Celebrate" and "I Love It"). This dude took forever so I'm going to pick on that for a second.

  • Some of my homies had kids in that time span, literally, they're 3 years old now!
  • Some of my homies are on to their 2nd and 3rd kids!
  • Kanye West and Kim Kardashian weren't dating yet, their child is 2 now!
  • Jay Z and Beyonce's child wasn't born yet either, their child is 3 now!
  • "Watch The Throne" was Kanye West and Jay Z's newest project then!
  • Young Thug was just getting started in that year and wasn't even signed yet. Barely anyone knew who he was!
  • Future's first album didn't even drop yet.
  • Marvel's "The Avengers" didn't come out yet.
  • The PlayStation 4 wasn't revealed to the public until two years later.
  • If you mentioned Fetty Wap back then people would've said "Who the hell is he?".
  • My girlfriend and I have been together for some years now. I had a different girlfriend back then!
  • DeShay himself moved twice since then. To different states in the US!
  • DeShay took so long, virtual reality is a thing now!

But back to the album, it's a great project and honestly worth the crazy long wait. brandUn DeShay improved in every facet of his art, beats, lyricism, flow, just an overall improvement in his creativity.

You can download it for free or get it on Spotify, Google Play Music and soon iTunes/Apple Music.


Get it on Google Play

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