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We're not a music blog.

I'm just posting to make this clear.

We are not a music blog.

We really just post whatever, and a lot of it just happens to be music and random videos because we like sharing stuff out of boredom.

We don't owe anyone anything, and a good amount of what we post is stuff we're interested in, like or just stuff from friends of ours (as we don't like anything our friends do).

So most of this blog is just showing love, sharing what we like and showing support as we do get hits and we might be able to contribute to helping people out in their endeavors through this blog (I'd share analytical data but I can't due to a blood oath we made to the Illuminati because it could give away valuable secrets).

I just wanted to clear that up for the complainers (aka the folk we're not posting).

We're not the only blog that posts musicians work, and we've work of our own to deal with and there are plenty of music blogs you can send your work to.

Also if you want to get posted on our blog, learn to respect women if you don't already. Anything otherwise will get you blacklisted.
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